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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Table Top Medical validatable continuous band heat sealer

Table top medical high speed validatable continuous band heat sealer designed to seal medical packaging;Tyvek pouches for medical devices, medical grade paper pouches, Nylon, peelable pouches, header bags, foil laminate pouches, PE and PP.

Medical validatable rotary band heat sealer - temperature, speed control and cooling bar pressure can be validated for medical GMP requirements.

Easy quick changeover and cleaning of the rotary band heat sealer Teflon© Bands due to instant pressure release on bands. Uniform pressure on all sealing and cooling surfaces creates consistent quality validatable seals.

Single line embossing code available.

 Chassis sealing assembly construction of stainless steel shafting throughout and anodized aluminum.

Medical rotary band heat sealer

Table top rotary continuous heat sealer designed to seal Tyvek pouches for medical device packaging. Also seals foil bags for diagnostic test kits.

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Dual Element Thermocouple: For the temperature controller, and temperature verification, ports supplied.up to 450 degrees +/-2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Quad digital temperature heat sealer controls maintain consistent heat. Heat is generated from rear and front heaters; or one set only using a simple on/off switch.

Seals are achieved through the use of special heavy duty wear-resistant laminated Teflon© bands for the validatable medical rotary band heat sealer.  10" long heating zone, give extra sealing capacity allows speeds up to 60' per minute with constant secure seals of 3/8" or 1/4" wide.