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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

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medical validatable blister heat sealer for medical packaging

Table top validatable tray heat sealer for medical packaging

Full feature table top tray validatable blister heat sealer designed specifically for critical medical packaging sealing applications for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. This sealer can be customized with many options like: touch screen control system. This medical blister sealer is designed for low to medium production requirements, where space and size are considerations.  This unit is a single sided shuttle type sealer which utilizes quick-change seal tools for sealing medical blisters or trays with Tyvek, foil, or medical paper lids. Validation ready, this precision machine is clean room ready for any production operation. A fully optional multi-feature “clean room” table top heat sealer.


• Clean Room Design:

Optional Clean room upgrade package includes: stainless steel slider pan, common exhaust port,EZ-Removeable thermocouple, epoxy stainless steel paint

• Calibration/validation ready

• Calibration ports

• Digital Controls Optional  

Optional PLC Upgrade: Includes touchscreen HMI panel, USB dataport for data collection,

PLC to replace standard electric components and stainless steel control panel

Optional Pressure transducer: adds pressure feedback data to the PLC upgrade

• High Press 1250 lbs pressure  

Optional ‘seal boost’; this feature applies additional air into the cylinder when it becomes               extended during the sealing process

• Stainless steel housing, stainless steel tooling and tray

• Precision Guided Platen

• 10 x 10 inch standard, other sizes available

Medical Validatable Blister Sealer - tabletop medical tray sealer

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This sealer can be provided with optional wash down features for critical sterile applications like tissue packaging

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