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Equipment and materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

• Medical pouch heat sealers, validatable available in 15”, 20”, 25”, 30” or 35” seal length.  Impulse medical heat sealer
PLC controller allows for customized programming and password protection of seal temperature, time, and pressure on this medical pouch sealer.

Audible and visual alarms with text messages Seal Temperature Profile, Jaw Obstruction

and Seal Pressure.

Multiple programmable Seal Recipes with operator lockout for ease of operation,

and maximum productivity in sealing Tyvek pouches without compromising process control.
• Each medical pouch heat sealer is validatable and NIST traceable for GMP compliance .
• Medical validatable pouch heat sealer automatically cycles, pneumatically operated.
• Stainless steel finish for cleanroom operation for medical device manufacturing

• Full Digital, PLC Controller with LCD touch screen User Interface

• Password protected Digital Control of:

      Seal Temperature

      Seal Time

      Seal Pressure using Electronic Closed-Loop Control

• Calibration Ports for:

      Seal Temperature

      Seal Time

      Seal Pressure

      Digital Line Voltage Monitor

• Visible and Audible Alarms: (Require Supervisor Override):

     Cold Seal Temperature Profile

     Jaw Obstruction

     Seal Temperature with Settable High & Low Alarms

     Seal Pressure with Settable High & Low Alarms

     Voltage with Settable High & Low Alarms

• Additional Safety Features:

      Emergency Stop

      Safe, Low-Force Jaw Close

• Production Enhancing Features:

      Multiple Programmable Seal Recipes

      High Force Seal Jaw

      Upper Heat Element

      NEMA 4, Welded Stainless Steel case

      Product Support Tray

      External Exhaust Port                                                                                                          

Validatable control system for medical heat sealer

Medical Pouch Heat Sealers - Validatable Impulse heat sealer

25”, 20”, 25”, 30 and 35” Validatable Medical Pouch Heat Sealer Impulse

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 medical pouch heat sealer, validatable - impulse heat sealer for Tyvek pouches

For sealing Tyvek medical pouches for medical device packaging

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