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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Medical Rotary Validatable Blister and tray Heat Sealers for medical packaging

Validatable Rotary Blister Sealer - for sealing thermoform medical trays

Rotary blister and tray heat sealer designed for sealing medical packaging such as conventional carded blister packs, medical or pharmaceutical tray packages utilizing Tyvek, foil, thin plastic, laminated film stock, etc.  Easy accessibility, spacious work stations and reliability. Locating pins allow the use of quick change seal tools.


Seal Area: 11 x 18” to 16” X 20” by 4” depth

• Precision indexing drive

• Temperature Controlled

• Validation ready, Validation ports, Medical and pharmaceutical ready

• Quick-change tooling

• Relieved hot plate tooling, to seal only the blister flange, is available.

• Operator safety shut down    

• platen guard is standard on every machine.

Automatic Medical Rotary Tray and Blister Heat Sealer

Automatic Rotary Blister Sealer for medical packaging

Automatic rotary blister and tray heat sealer for blister packs, medical or pharmaceutical tray packages. An automatic blister and card feeder  and product unload -package ejector. Touch screen operator interfaced panel.  PLC controlled. Blisters automatically placed into nests. Automatically places cards on top of the seal tools. Automatically removes sealed product.