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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Medical tray sealer for thermform packaging of medical devices

These units are typically used for the production of finished medical device packages such as thermoform trays and pharmaceutical blister packaging .  PET/PVC or similar type thermoformed trays with Tyvek lid stock for the medical industry  Tray sealer is made is USA..

Medical Tray Sealer Features:

Max sealing area :14x15 inches; 14x20 inches;  20x24 inch;  30x30 inches

Max blister/tray depth 4 inches

• Precision sealing guided platens

• Dual-sided, aluminum precision ball bearing shuttle trays with quick change style tool locating pins

• Seals Tyvek, foils, to plastic thermoformed trays.

• Precision temperature and timer control, Validation Ready

• PLC controls/touch screen

• Quick-change tools

•2-hand safety interlock start buttons

• Extra long bushings to ensure smooth seal platen motion;

• Welded heavy wall steel frame coated with steel-it or white epoxy paint;

• Precision double acting seal cylinders plumbed to a coalescing exhaust filter or special plumbing for outside exhaust.

Tray sealer is designed specifically for exacting medical thermoform tray sealing and pharmaceutical blister packaging applications. Seals Tyvek lidding to thermoform  trays for packaging medical devices and trays for surgical devices, blister packs for pharmaceuticals. These units are ideal for the production of finished medical trays utilizing PET, PVC, HIPS or similar type thermoformed trays with Tyvek lidstock. Can also be used for carded pill packs, clinical trial packaging, unit dose, foil lids, specialty films, Quick change tooling and operator friendly interface and controls.

Medical and pharmaceutical blister 4-post precision validatable heat sealer for thermoform trays

Validatable Medical Tray Sealer for medical packaging

Thermoform Trays

Thermoform  tray for medical product kit