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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Large Tyvek Die Cut Lidding Printer System

for UDI requirements  Large Tyvek Pouch Printing System

Ink Jet, Laser, Thermal Transfer, prints on Tyvek die cut lids and pouches

Tyvek Die-Cut lid and Tyvek pouch printer system for printing on large pouches up to 18 inches wide, and medical packaging lidding. Will print bar codes as well as text for machine readable labeling UDI requirements.

Off-line floor based system designed to hopper feed larger medical packaging. Flat items such as Tyvek pouches, die cut lids, lidstocks, non-autotuck cartons, etc. System is designed to be integrated with any in-line Ink Jet, Laser Coder, or Continuous Motion Thermal Printer to provide a printing system capable of overprinting text, logos, 1D or 2D  barcodes, date, count, time, etc. For your UDI requirements.

Prints directly on Tyvek pouches, medical grade paper pouches and Tyvek lidding. The machine feeds pouches (or Tyvek lidding) from a magazine, and utilizing a laser, ink jet or thermal transfer - prints on the lid or Tyvek pouch. This eliminates the need for a label to print information on die cut lids or pouches.

Printing directly on the pouch or lid reduces labor costs for applying labels, as well as the cost of the label. It also maintains the breath-ability of Tyvek, since no label will block the permeability of EtO gas through the die cut lidding or pouch.

Printer Features

Printers: integrate with any in-line ink jet printers, laser coder, or continuous motion thermal printer

Product sizes: Length: 5” to 20” Width: 5” to 18”

Print Area Widths: Printer dependent

Eliminates preprint minimizing SKU’s

Stainless Steel/Anodized Aluminum Construction

Adjustable Leveling Feet

Dimensions: 7’L x 3’W x 5’H w/Printer

Speed: Copy/Printer dependent

Electrical Req.: 110 VAC

Air Req.: Printer dependent

Product Counter: Count-Up/Count-Down Included

Options Bar Code Reader/Verifier, Vision System,  Reject Station, Custom Sizes, Printers

Printer can be ink jet, laser and thermo-transfer printer

Code Reader to read printed bar codes. Also reject station

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