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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Medical Thermoformed Tray Leak Detection for medical packaging

Non- Destructive Testing of Thermoformed trays for medical packaging

“Test thermoformed trays-on-the-fly” for seal quality of Tyvek lidding

Performs ASTM F 2338-09  for leaks in medical packaging trays
Records “Package-Assurance” Data

This medical thermoformed tray leak detection system incorporates modi­fications to a medical validatable thermoformed tray rotary blister sealer. It adds an upper platen drive mechanism that applies vacuum to thermoformed tray samples for evaluation of vacuum decay or loss in sealed medical trays.

The station compares known “good thermoformed tray medical packages” with a standard vacuum loss through transmittance across the “Tyvek lid stock” to a variation of greater loss due to a failure in the seal area itself.

This base option will include an upgraded vacuum system and surge tank along with individual sensor systems for monitoring drops in vacuum related in inches of mercury and millibars. System will include an upgrade of the rotary blister tray sealer itself to include; programmable controller, and operator interface screen as well as job memory log for retaining the parameters on various package designs.


• 100% inspection of every thermoformed tray - every package is tested

• Faster than off-line leak testing

• Quality report for each package

• Reduces package handling

• No wasted packaging or products – non-destructive testing of thermoformed trays

• Also seals standard blisters & thermoformed trays

Thermoformed Medical Tray Packaging Leak Detection

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thermoformed tray leak detection equipment for thermoformed tray medical packaging

Non-destructive tray leak detection for medical thermoformed packaging trays - checks seal integrity of Tyvek lidding and thermoformed medical trays

Thermoformed Tray Medical Packaging Leak Detection

with a rotary medical tray sealer for thermoformed trays