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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Floor standing coiling machine for larger tubing. Will coil larger diameter tubing sets, like breathing tubes, respirator circuits, respiratory tubing and single pieces of tubing and multi tubing sets can be coiled. Automatic counter for number of turns, mandrels drop for removing tubing easily. Coiled tubing can be easily slid into plastic bag attached to the coiler.


The Medi-Windertm are used for coiling medical grade plastic tubing. This coiling machine increase production output and also prevent carpal tunnel syndrome injuries.

Medical Tubing (pre cut to length) is placed on the coiling machine. The mandrel on the coiling machine rotates the exact number of turns to complete the coil. After it stops, the pins on which the coil was wrapped descend into the coiling machine, enabling the operator to slide the coil into a package.

The Medi-Winder, is designed for larger tubing sets it has the following features:

1. Automatic tubing coiling, the machine counts the number of turns and stops. No need for manual control. No overruns.

2. Completely adjustable mandrel to accommodate many tubing coil diameters.

3. Produces uniform tubing coils each time faster than manual coiling.

4. Packaging fixture enables you to place a pouch or bag on for easy loading of tubing into pouch.

5. All timing and counting functions can be changed easily.  PLC controlled and completely programmable.  Auto or Jog modes.  Pause/Resume button.  

6. Clean room compatible.

Medi winderTM  - floor standing coiling machine for plastic medical tubing

Cohesive tape can band one side or can be wrapped completely around the coil of medical tubing

tubing for respirator coiling machine for medical plastic tubing