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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

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Oral dissovable thin film packaging, such as transmucosal pharmaceuticals,  can be packaged in vapor barrier foil lamiantes with this multi-lane horizontal form fill seal machine. Packaging equipment for ODF/TDS manufacturing processes.  

The packaging equipment for ODF/TDS is available as: single lane, 2 lane and 4 lane machine.  It can package up to 120 small pouches of thin film strips per minute.  Ideal for small flat items such as packaging of pharmaceutical oral thin films and oral dissolvable films for transmucosal pharmaceutical, diagnostic tests, or CBD based products.

Either peelable foil laminate pouch, or standard four-sided seal foil pouches can be produced by this machine. The form fill seal machine will automatically load oral dissovable thin films: like transmucosal pharmaceuticals thin films, rellated oral dissolvable films, and flat dianostic devices into four-sided seal pouches,. Custom loading options can cut reels of thin film products to load films automatically into the form fill seal packaging machine.  

Vison system will insure correct thin film product placement in the package so that the strips are not placed in the seal areas.  Printing on the foil packaging material and on the product can be provided. Clean room compatable for medical and diagnostic devices industry requirements with validatable process controls.

Oral dissolvable thin film packaging equipment  

Packaging equipment for ODF/TDS manufacturing process.

Form fill seal machinery for packaging oral dissolvable thin films

For packaging transmucosal pharmaceuticals and similar products

Oral Thin Films packaging equipment - oral dissolvable thin films

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single lane oral thin film packaging machine for dissovable oral thin film packaging

Single lane horizontal form fill seal machine for packaging oral thin films.

Desiged for packaging lower volume ODF/TDS production fof dissolvable transmucosal pharmaceuticals oral thin film strips. Can be manually loaded.  Can be integrated with die cutting system for cutting thin films prior to packaging.

We can also provide peelable foil lamination rollstock material for this machine.