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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

The Micro Quick Pouch I and Micro Quick Pouch II are tabletop medical pouch-loading machines, which have been very successful in increasing packaging efficiency. Examples are loading diagnostic test kits into foil pouches.  

These machines will pick a medical pouch, such as a foil bag, from a magazine and open the pouch for quick, easy medical product placement.

The Micro Quick Pouch I and II also have the advantage of taking the effort out of opening pouches - this can help reduce concerns about carpal tunnel syndrome.

medical pouch filling machine medical pouch filling machine

Features for Micro Quick Pouch I and II
•  Easy adjustments for different size medical pouches
•  Foot pedal for operator trigging included
•  Auto mode will cycle machine at set speed
•  Built in re-settable counters for medical pouches

•  Footprint less than 12” X 18” long
•  Weight less than 25 Lbs.
•  Operator interface for timer settings and operating mode changes

Micro Quick Pouch I and II Table top Pouch Loading

Medical Pouch Loading Equipment

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