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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Medical Vertical Form Fill Seal Machinery

Medical vertical form fill seal - This machine will make Tyvek chevron pouches and four sided sealed pouches in various heat sealable materials. Medical products can be either manually loaded or automatically loaded with auto loader systems. Makes Tyvek pouches and foil pouches.

The Vertical medical Tyvek chevron pouch forming machine, can be a standalone form fill seal machine, with manual medical product loading, or automatic product loading system.   The Vertical- form fill seal pouch former will automatically load products into Tyvek chevron or foil pouches as they are being made. Form fill seal in a small economic machine.

Diagnostic test kits are examples of products that care packaged by this form fill seal.  The Medical vertical form fill seal pouch former can save labor and improve quality.

Medical vertical form fill seal machinery - Medical form fill and seal machinery, makes peelable chevron Tyvek pouches and 4 sided foil pouches.  Manual and automatic loading of medical devices into Tyvek pouches ,and diagnostic test kits into foil pouches.

Machine Standard Features for Medical Vertical Form Fill Seal Machinery - four sizes are available

Standard pouch sizes: 1" to 6" wide, 1.5" to 6" long - for standard size

Can make up to 12 x 15 inch pouches.  

PLC controlled with operator display

Dual web system that makes four-sided sealed medical pouches

Closed loop temperature control, pressure gauge

40 to 110 PSI supply 110vac - 3 amp power

Machine dimensions - 45" W  x  43.5" T  x  23" D      Weight 220 lbs.

Validateable Heat Sealer System for Medical Vertical form fill seal machinery

               ● PID temperature controller

PLC controlled timer

Precision Heat Seal Pressure System

Regulator with panel mounted gauge

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Makes Tyvek chevron pouches and foil bags - automatically loads products

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