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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Medical Form Fill Seal Machinery

Form fill seal equipment for packaging medical products like syringes, surgical procedure kits, wound care products.  Also medical thermoforming equipment for forming thermoform trays, medical procedure trays, blisters packs, pharmaceuticals packaging. Can make vacuum formed Surlyn soft Tyvek packages.

Runs blister and card trays and lidstock, pill packs, unit dose, with automatic product feeding, automatic card, sheet or roll stock feeders,

Accurate precise trim registration, fished package reject, and automatic scrap rewind, date code print and lid-stock printers. All medical packaging machinery is made in America.

Form Fill Seal Machine Laboratory Thermoformer

Laboratory Prototype Thermoformers

Self-contained medical thermoformer for making prototype thermoformed trays for medical packaging. The thermoformerr requires only connection to 110 volt. The standard machine is ideally suited for sampling medical blisters, skin packs, thermoformed parts, prototypes and laboratory work.


• Quick change tooling – from 14 x 15 to 30 x 36 inches

• Sheet or Roll fed thermoplastic materials

• Automation ready for  Robotic Pick-n-Place

Semi-Automatic Form Fill Seal

Semi-automatic, form-fill-seal-trim machinery for packaging medical products: self contained vacuum former that combines pre-heating of the forming film, vacuum forming the film into pouches, sealing the Tyvek lidding to the film, and trimming. Can produce medical packages for many medical products such as: surgical kits, IV sets, or any bulky product that can be packaged in a soft Surlyn formed pouch with peelable Tyvek lidding.

Automatic horizontal form fill seal machinery

Semi-automatic form fill seal machinery

Laboratory thermoformer for R&D

Vertical form fill seal machine