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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Medical validatable Heat Sealer - High Speed

8”, 15” and 20” Constant Heat Sealers

Validatable Medical Heat Sealer for  sealing medical device packaging - Tyvek pouches and foil laminates

• Available in  8”, 15” and 20” heat seal lengths - high speed validatable medical constant heat for Tyvek pouches for medical devices.

100% validatable and calibratable across all seal parameters, ISO 11607, CE Compliant.

•  Fully lock out protected alarmed digital process control with +/- 1 degree accuracy.

•  The high speed PLC with LCD touch screen HMI provides the confidence all process parameters are maintained Seal-to-Seal.

• External verification ports offer ease of calibration.

• LCD Touch Screen and PLC digital control:

    Seal Temperature via PID with +/- 1 degree accuracy

    Seal Time

    Seal Pressure (analog regulator with digital readout of      Pressure and Down Force

• Password Protected Control of:

    Seal Temperature

    Seal Time

    Seal Pressure

    Alarm Bands

    Alarm History

    Seal Count

    Calibration Screens

• External Calibration Verification Output Ports

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Validatable medical heat sealer - constant heat sealer for Tyvek Pouch medical devices

• Visible and Audible Alarms:

     Jaw Obstruction, Seal Temperature       

Seal Pressure,

• Additional Safety Features:

     Emergency Stop

     Alarmed Seal Bar Safety Guard

     Safe, Low-Force Jaw Close

     Safety Heater Off / No Air Supply

• Production Enhancing Features:

     Programmable Seal Recipes       

     High Force Seal Jaw

     Auto Cycle Mode

     Upper Heat Platen

     Seal Counter

     Medical Device Product Support Tray

     Seamless Stainless Steel case

     Clean room  External Exhaust Port

Constant heat - for heat sealing Tyvek sterilization medical pouches for medical devices, and foil laminate medical packaging

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