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• Medical validatable heat sealers available in 15”, 20”, 25”, 30” or 35” seal length.
PLC controller allows for customized programming and password protection of seal temperature, time, and pressure.

Audible and visual alarms with text messages

Seal Temperature Profile, Jaw Obstruction

and Seal Pressure.

Multiple programmable Seal Recipes with operator lockout for ease of operation,

and maximum productivity in sealing Tyvek pouches without compromising process control.
• Each medical heat sealer is validatable and NIST traceable for GMP compliance .
• Medical validatable heat sealer automatically cycles, pneumatically operated.
• Stainless steel finish for cleanroom operation for medical device manufacturing

Validatable Impulse Heat Sealers

15”, 20”, 25”,  Heat Sealers

validateable medical heat sealer - impulse heat sealer Tyvek pouches

Designed for sealing Tyvek pouches

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Click for Medical Continuous  Rotary Band Heat Sealer