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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Laboratory Thermoformers for R & D medical applications

Table Top Thermoformer is also available - economic way to create your own thermoform trays - 14 x 15 forming area

medical R & D thermoformer - makes prototypes for medical packaging

Laboratory Prototype Thermoformers

Make your own thermoform trays, for production or making your own prototype trays. This small thermoformer is ideally suited for making samples of medical blister packages for medical packaging, thermoformed parts, prototypes and laboratory work. Ease of operation and quick set-ups make this a favorite for laboratory,  production prototyping or full time operation. Molds may be male or female; machined aluminum for production or resin or wood for prototyping.


• Quick change tooling – sizes from 14 x 15 inch to 30 x 36 inches

• Roll fed thermoplastic materials

 Requires only connection to 110 volt electric for full operation.

• Robotic Pick-n-Place

Please contact us for detailed equipment specifications and pricing

table top thermofromer for making samples of thermoform trays