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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Tyvek inkjet rollstock printing  equipment - prints on medical Tyvek roll stock, foil laminates

Tyvek printing equipment for form-fill-seal machinery

Table top Tyvek pouch printer  

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DOTMARK High Resolution Ink Jet Printers are self-contained standalone bolt-on Printers designed to print high resolution fixed and variable copy Text, 1D & 2D Bar Codes, Logos, etc. onto  porous and non-porous products. They are simple, efficient, compact and affordable alternatives to much more complicated & expensive C.I.J. Ink Jet Printers.

Touch-Screen Controller, Product Detector, Cabling and a Conveyor Mounting Bracket. Printing is done using a disposable 600 dpi Print Head/Ink Cartridge assembly eliminating any need for purging, mixing, pouring of make-up/solvent solutions or daily cleaning.

Tyvek rollstock, foil laminate rollstock, Mylar rollstock, paper coated foil stock can be printed with this equipment.