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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Validatable PLC control system for medical heat sealer

Medical Pouch Heat Sealers for sealing Tyvek pouches -

Validatable Impulse medical heat sealer  15”, 20”, 25” bar widths  

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Heat sealer for sealing Tyvek medical pouches for medical device packaging

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The iS2 Series Medical Tabletop Sealers offer unprecedented accuracy and features upgraded control system.  This medical heat sealer produces clean validatable seals every time, temperature control within one degree, and accurate sealing times with readings every millisecond. Constructed from heavy duty stainless steel, the iS2 sealers are compact and clean room ready. Options such as 220V and third party NIST Certification. These sealers are made in the USA.

Medical Validatable heat sealers for sealing Tyvek pouches are available in three seal lengths: 15”, 20” and 25 inch.   These thermal impulse medical heat sealers offer unparalleled consistency and are ideal for all tabletop medical pouch-sealing applications where budget or space is a paramount concern.

Validatable Medical heat sealer for Tyvek pouches - also can seal foil medical pouches

Economical Validatable Medical heat sealers. The MPDSS line of medically validatable sealers for sealing Tyvek pouches have 15”, 20” and 25 inches wide heat seal bars.

Each MPDSS medical heat sealer comes standard with the following:

Validation ports for seal pressure, seal temperature and seal time

K-Type thermocouple

Pneumatically actuated sealing jaw

0.25" wide nichrome heating element

Digital pressure gauge, digital proportional valve, and Thermal Impulse Controller (TIC)

Foot pedal operated

Bottom flange allows for horizontal or vertical mounting of machine

120V/60Hz operation (220V option available)

All units can be NIST certified by independent third party lab - seal parameters set for repeatable results

Economical MPDSS Model of Validatable medial heat sealer for sealing Tyvek pouches in 15, 20 and 25 inch widths