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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Semi-Automatic Form Fill, Seal Machinery - Medical packaging

Semi-automatic, form-fill-seal-for medical packaging. Produces Tyvek Surlyn pouches. Machine is a self contained vacuum former that combines pre-heating of the forming film, vacuum forming the film into pouches, sealing the Tyvek lidding to the film, and trimming of the lidding.

The Skin Trim combo can produce packages for many medical products such as: surgical kits, IV sets, or any bulky product that can be packaged in a soft Surlyn formed pouch with peelable Tyvek lidding.

Form area size -18 x 24 inches

form fill seall equipment semi-automatic medical packaging

• Hydraulic die cutting

• Space-saving, single frame design

• Energy saving heaters

• Requires only electrical connection

• Validateable digital controls  • 4 digital timers

• IR sensor with temperature control

• Blister forming system:

special pump, surge tank, electrical sequencing

• Heat seal system:

heated striker allows blister sealing and die cutting at trim station

form fill seall equipment semi-automatic medical packaging

IV tubing set in Tyvek Surlyn soft bottom pouich