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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

The foil pouch manufacturing and loading machine- medical foil pouch forming machine - makes foil pouches. Medical products such as diagnostic test kits can also be loaded, manually or automatically  - it is a horizontal machine that makes foil pouches for packaging sutures, surgical instruments, wound care products, gel pads, flat electrodes and other medical products.  

Foil pouch forming and loading machinery -

Foil Pouch - Form Fill Seal machinery for packaging diagnostic test kits and IVD test kit packaging - and medical products

Medical foil pouch FFS manufacturing machinery - contact us for details and pricing

Click here for information for foil rollstock for form fill seal machines

Click here for information on Horizontal form fill seal equipment

Horizontal form fill seal machine makes foil pouches

- for packaging diagnostic and IVD test kits

Continuous operation using rotary motion for standard flat and chevron style pouches pouches. Simple pouch size adjustments, ideal for short runs. Machine has web over in-feed conveyor. Can produce 3 sided seal pouches. Can print on pouches.

Besides making pouches, medical products can also be packaged manually or automatically as the foil pouches are being made.  Medical products are placed on moving packaging material (carries product) at a positioning device located on the conveyor. The product is then delivered to sealing area.

Pouch Minimum Width -   2.5 to 3 inch     

Pouch Maximum Width -  13 inch wide  

Pouch Minimum Length – 3.5 inches

Pouch Maximum Length -  48 inches

Foil pouch manufacturing machine options

Automatic Product loaders

Infeed conveyor styles - web over or pusher

Multiple lane operation available up to 4 lanes

Printer - Flexographic, Hot Stamp, Ink Jet, Thermal

Label Applicators and Print / Apply Coders

Validation controls are available

Batch counters

Total counters

Registration for printed material

Rotary tear slit

Typical Medical products that can be packaged

Multiple lane machines are available speeds up to 120 pouches a minute.