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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Medical foil bags and foil pouches for IVD diagnostic test kits packaging. Un-printed and custom printed foil pouches are available.

Custom and stock size heat seal foil bags and foil pouches for packaging test kits.

• Foil bag  packaging offer vapor barrier and oxygen protection

• Zipper foil bags for re-closeable bags

• Custom printed & Un-printed foil pouch packaging

• Heat seal foil bag packaging and foil pouches with re-sealable zippers that maintain a hermetic seal.

Medical packaging applications for heat seal foil pouches:
• diagnostic test kits foil pouch packaging
• IVD test kits
• packaging reagents for testing

Depending on vapor barrier requirements, heat seal foil pouches are constructed of materials with three to four layer laminations. Medical foil pouches for diagnostic test kits  have low MVTR, or moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) for long term storage of test kits.  The foil materials also supply Low O2 transmission.

Flat heat seal foil bags for diagnostic test kits packaging.FDA approved materials in white and silver colored foil. Custom printing up to 8 colors can be applied to the foil pouches.

Click for details on heat seal foil bags for medical packaging and information for requesting a price quotation

These medical foil heat seal pouches for medical foil pouch packaging are custom made. For pricing, please provide following details:

pouch dimensions

Quantity of pouches

Any printing details - white or silver foil

Accessories like Zipper, tear notch, lip, hang hole, etc.

Heat seal foil pouches for diagnostic tests kits IVD Covid test  antigen, pregnancy tests, drug detection test kits foil pouch packaging.  Zipper foil bags are available- custom printed foil pouches and bags, and custom printed foil pouch packaging for diagnostic test kits foil pouch packaging.

Please contact us for specs and pricing details.

silver colored foil bags for diagostic test kits - IVD test white foil pouch for diagnostic test kits - IVD -  antigen tests

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