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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

foil bags and foil pouches for packaging

Foil pouch packaging. Heat seal foil bags and foil pouches for packaging medical products and IVD test kits. Heat seal foil peelable pouches; and custom foil bags and pouches for medical foil pouch packaging.

Custom printed heat seal foil medical pouches and foil zipper bags for medical packaging and diagnostic tests. Foil pouches that provide vapor barrier and oxygen barrier requirements. Foil bags for packaging medical products like: diagnostic test kits, IVD test kits, wound dressings, sutures and disposable medical devices requiring vapor barrier protection.

• Foil bags offer long-term shelf stability
• Zipper foil bags for Reclosability

• Printed & Unprinted foil bags
• Heat seal foil bags and foil pouches with zippers that maintain a hermetic seal.

• Peelable chevron foil pouches for sterile medical device packaging

Typical medical packaging applications for heat seal foil pouch packaging:
• diagnostic test kits, IVD test kits
• foil pouch packaging for hydrogel pads - wound care and electrodes
• IVD test kits - un-printed and custom printed foil pouches
• wound dressings that require vapor barrier protection
• biological samples - US Postal approved

• pharmaceutical powders, neutraceutical powders  

• 96 test well plates ziper foil pouches

• lyophilized plates - ELISA plate storage

Depending on vapor barrier requirements, heat seal foil pouches are constructed of materials with two to four layer laminations. They have low MVTR, or moisture vapor transmission rate.

Paper coated foil bag for mailing biological samples. This mailer is US postal approved.

Flat heat seal foil bags for medical device packaging, IVD test kits, zippered foil bag for packaging medial products and packaging diagnostic test kits.

heat seal foil bags and foil pouches for medical packaging- heat seal foil bags for packaging diagnostic test kits

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These medical  pre-made heat seal foil pouches for foil pouch packaging are custom made. In order to get you pricing information we need details of the foil bag that you want such as: dimensions, what type of foil material, printing requirement as well as the amount of foil bags you will need.

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Heat seal foil pouches for medical products packaging, IVD test kits.  American made foil pouch packaging. Custom made foil pouches and bags, and custom printed foil bags. Foil bags and foil laminates are made in the Unites States.

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Foil pouch printing equipment