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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Re-sealable foil zippered bags and pouches for packaging disposable gel electrodes and disposable sensors.

Foil re-closable zipper bags - also peelable foil pouches

Custom made heat seal foil peelable chevron and corner peel foil pouches for packaging gel electrodes and sensors.  Foil provides moisture and oxygen protection, electrodes will not dry out due to hermetic sealed packaging.  The pouches are constructed of materials with multi layer laminations. They have low MVTR, or moisture vapor transmission rate.

These medical  pre-made heat seal foil pouches for packaging electrodes are custom made. In order to get you pricing information we need details of the foil bag that you want such as: dimensions, what type of material  (laminated foil or metalized Mylar) you would like foil bag to be made out of, printing requirement as well as the amount of foil bags you will need.

Also need to know if the bags with be: flat, zippered or peelable.

Peelable foil pouches and resealable, reclosable zippered bags and pouches for packaging gel electrodes.  Laminated foil or metalized Mylar can be used for the pouch material. Offers vapor barrier protection to prolong the life of gel electrodes.

Please contact us for specs and pricing details.

Zippered foil pouches

Peelable foil pouch