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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Foil Bag and Mylar Bag Printing Equipment

Foil pouch printers - also prints on laminated foil rollstock, Mylar pouches

Thermal Transfer Printing on pouches for bar codes for UDI compliance for medical packaging

Table top printer for printing on foil and Mylar pouches; thermal transfer printing equipment for UDI compliance for serialization requirements for printing machine readable labels. Prints all style of bar codes including 2D bar codes, will also inspect/verify bar codes for quality.

Will print with a thermal transfer printer directly on foil pouches used for diagnostic test kits, Mylar pouches, and lidding without the need for a paper label. It can also print on items as thick as card stock and blister cards. It can also print on flat folded boxes too.

The cleanroom compatible machine feeds pouches from a magazine, and with a high definition thermal transfer printer prints directly on foil or Mylar pouch, will re-stack the pouches. This eliminates using a separate paper label to print information on foil laminate Mylar pouches.

Printing directly on the pouch reduces labor costs in applying labels, and also the cost of the label.

printer for Tyvek pouches

Table top foil pouch printer; thermal transfer prints foil bags, Mylar bags, zippered bags up to 10.25 inch wide

Optional Vision System is available for 100% inspection. Also perform a Bar Code Read and Verification for UDI compliance

*Shown with optional Bar Code Reader to read printed bar codes for UDI compliance

Foil pouch

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We can also upgrade feeder systems on other brands of pouch printers

Printing foil laminated rollstock with thermal transfer printer