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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Custom poly bags Custom poly bags - formedical products

Custom Bags for medical products

Biohazard specimen bags custom

medical packaging custom poly bags

• Custom Poly Bag Biohazard Specimen Transport with Pockets available with tape closure and zipper

• Clear Versatile Flat Poly Bags

• Custom poly Bags Infectious Waste Biohazard Reclose-able Specimen Bag

• Low Density Red Biohazard Liners

• Amber Ultra Violet Reclose-able Medical Bags

• Writable Reclose-able Clear Custom poly  bags

• Pressure Sensitive OSHA  

• Biohazard Warning Labels

Custom Poly Bags
custom poly bags are manufactured for a variety of applications.
Materials: special polyethylene, clear or in a variety of colors, co-extruded resins.
Custom Printing: from simple line printing to 8-color process printing on one or both sides of custom bag.

Custom poly bags for mecial products

Custom Poly Bags Medical