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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Custom table top plastic tubing coiling machines for specialty processes. Will coil flat coils, smaller diameter tubing sets and single pieces of tubing. Automatic counter for number of turns, mandrels drop to easily remove tubing. Makes pancake style coils.

Custom tubing coilers - guide wire packaging - pancake coilers

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coiling machine to make flat pancake style coils coiling machine to make flat coils

The fully automatic table top tubing coiling machine:

1. Feed motor starts and feeds product into pins. A timed sequence.

2. Slow speed start for 1 revolution to grab tubing, then table goes to winding speed.

3. Table slows down as the counter gets close to preset count.

4. Table stops when preset is made, cutter is activated, counter is reset.

5. Table makes one revolution, pins retract, retrieve coil and  either press to start or auto start to repeat the process.

Automatic Mini-Winder with automatic feeding of tubing

Flat pancake style coil Mini-Winder

Traversing mechanism style coiler

Custom plastic tubing coiling machines with traversing mechanism to make military style coils.  Can coil on a reel, or can coil without reel so that the finished coil can be placed into a box. Automatic counter for number of turns, Makes military style coils.

machine to make tubing holder for fiber optics or guide wires guide wire packaging - tubing to hold fiber optics or guide wires

Flat coil machine to make clipped dispensers for coiled guidewire and catheter dispensers.  Machine will coil stiff plastic tubing, the operator then manually places the clips (connectors) onto the coil to hold thes shape of the coil and the machine coils the plastic tubing. This is for guide wire, and fiber optic packaging.

Guide wire packaging coil for fiber optics and guide wires

Please contact us for details and pricing information.  These machines will be made for your specific application.