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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Medical Systems for Industry represents equipment that will manufacture catheters. From R&D lab tippers, 1-Up catheter tipping machines, 2-Up production catheter tippers, catheter drilling for  manufacturing models and fixtures to fully automatic catheter manufacturing machines.

Catheter Tipping and Manufacturing Equipment

These catheter tipping machines are built with a production environment in mind, based on our background working with this equipment on the factory floor.

These catheter tipping machines have optimized the right amount of power for a tipping operation.  Enough power to give sufficient catheter manufacturing throughput, and not too much which would necessitate having to use the low end of the power band or detune the equipment.

The control systems for these catheter tipping machines are more sophisticated than what is supplied by other vendors. The sliders are high quality, the RF coils are very robust, they will not burn out.

We have been involved with catheter tipping, swagging operations, plastic bonding, catheter balloon bonding,, fusing multiple durameters of plastic together, ERCP cannulas,  catheter drilling, catheter eye punching, drilling multi-lumen catheters

catheter tipping machine

R and D, laboratory tipper

Multi-head tipper

catheter tipping machine  catheter tipping machine catheter tipping machine