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Medical packaging equipment and packaging materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Validatable tray heat sealer designed for aseptic medical packaging applications and critical sterile packaging.

Medical tray validatable blister heat sealer designed specifically for aseptic packaging applications. For example, allograph tissue packaging using thermoform trays; and other critical medical packaging applications.  This unit is a single sided shuttle type sealer which is designed for washdown with sterilants and disinfectants.



• Designed for ISO Class 4 Clean Room operation

• Full washdown capability with serilants and disinfectants.

• Full stainless steel housing & pan, air filter regulator & gauge, common exhaust port,

•  Lubrication free air cylinder w/plated housing,

•  NEMA 4/12 washdown controls, DIN style valve & switch, Seal

  boost / air cylinder flood system,

• Digital pressure transducer with peak/hold display,

• Opto start cycle initiation (infra-red non-contact start buttons)

• Upgrade from 306 Stainless Steel to 316 Stainless Steel for        Machine Frame and Machine Cabinet

- Includes 316 stainless steel for rail/pan/guide rods)

• Touchscreen HMI Panel

Medical Tray Sealer -  for aseptic fill, sterile packaging

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Aseptic packaging with validatable medical tray heat sealer.

Sealer is designed for ISO Class 4 cleanroom operation. It has wash-down features for critical sterile packaging applications, like allograph tissue packaging and other aseptic fill processes.

Ssterile medical packaging - aspectic packaging with medical validatable tray heat sealer