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Equipment and materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

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This pouch loading and filling machine includes a four station rotary system for loading pouches. It can easily accommodate a wide variety of different sizes of pouches. Also includes the exclusive Quick Drawer™ magazine system for quick change-over of pouch sizes. This pouch loading machine is ideal for critical applications. Options such as: label application, printing, gas flush, or vacuum snorkel. Special features such as pouch grippers to minimize wrinkling of sealing edge are possible with this pouch loading machine.

Medical pouch loading equipment, tyvel pouches Medical pouch loading equipment

• 2-Up and 4-Up Optional Loading

Complete Safety Guarding  

QuickPouch QuadTM - 4 station rotary pouch loading machine

Pouch filling machinery, pouch filling machine

Features for QuickPouch Quad
• Four station rotary table system.
• Machine will load various sizes of pouches.
• Sealer will grip and seal pouch before pouch is released from vacuum cups to minimize disturbance of filled but unsealed pouches.
• Foot pedal for operator trigging
• Heat sealer can be built in.
• Operator interface for timer settings and mode changes.

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