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Equipment and materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit packaging

Medical Systems for Industry

Treatment with plasma or corona (high voltage which ionizes air or gas) increases the surface tension of plastic medical products by breaking chemical bonds which disrupts the surface - the new bond that is formed, whether a coating, ink or adhesive - is stronger than just mechanical bonding.

Corona, Plasma treatment for catheter components

Electrode system consisting of 2 ceramic electrode mounted in gate configuration. Distance pieces for flexible use and easy adjustment of electrode gap.  

 Catheter is placed manually between electrodes and fixed into position using the clamps.  

Surface tension modification for catheter manufacturing

Vacuum plasma system for total surface treatment. PLC unit and ProFace touch screen panel for complete process control. Auto start function when door is closes. Vacuum sensor to activate treatment when set vacuum level is reached. Double air inlet system, program-able to ensure slow air inlet where necessary.